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Experiencing Desperate Moments?



This new book by Dr. Florida Moehead, Pastor of Shalom Ministries Christian Center in Ft. Washington, MD, is an expose on how to deal with desperate moments in life.  Whether it's discouragement, tragedy, despair, distress, disease, job loss, sickness, foreclosure, divorce, or death of a loved one: any one of these has the potential to send you into a downward spiral. These very serious, urgent and dangerous moments of life may be of a short or long duration. This book was birthed out of the many desperate moments (death of father, mother and brother, heart attack, stroke, and divorce) that the author has experienced. It gives insight into how to handle the night seasons of our lives. Dr. Flo Morehead has encouraged, equipped and empowered thousands of people, both men and women, in how to live victorious lives despite the ups and downs of life. Even though the devil desires to use these moments to destroy you, God has another plan. You will learn how to embrace (accept willingly, deal with)the desperate moments, and put them to work for you in catapulting your faith to another level.
. Don't try to escape - go through
. Don't give in to the temptations - pass the tests
. Don't listen to the voices of self and others - listen to the voice of God
. Don't depend on human effort - depend on the Holy Spirit
. Don't let it make you bitter - allow it to make you better
. Don't turn to negative vices - turn to an all knowing God
. Don't operate in unbelief - operate in faith 
The good news is “God is in the moment”
To schedule a book signing, order a copy or copies of the book in hard or soft cover, CD's, or to request Dr. Morehead for conferences, workshops, seminars, or other speaking engagements...

The contact information is as follows:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (317) 88-DRFLO (883-7356)



Creating An Army for Christ

Colson - An Army for ChristEvangelist Charles Colson’s final mission: Spiritually cloning himself


The Washington Post

By Michelle Boorstein, Monday, March 21, 8:37 PM

Charles Colson assembles the newest members of his Christian army at a Loudoun County convention hall on a winter Saturday.

Seated before the aging Watergate-era felon-turned-evangelical leader are dozens of handpicked disciples: a woman who sings at patriotic events, a sports psychology professor, a real estate developer, a pharmaceutical salesman.

They’ve spent the year — and as much as $4,000 — reading the books Colson reads, watching the movies he watches, praying the way he prays. It’s all part of an ambitious effort by Colson to replicate his spiritual DNA and ensure that his vision of Christianity doesn’t die when he does.

“This is the time for us to metastasize and impact society!” the gravelly-voiced former Nixon aide tells his rapt audience. “And this is a really, really urgent hour.”

For decades after emerging from a federal penitentiary, Colson focused on building what has become the world’s biggest prison ministry. Now, at 79, he has shifted his attention to the final mission of his remarkable life: saving what he regards as true Christianity from American extinction.

Time is running out.

Tim LaHaye's Rapture's Witness

Rapture's Witness, Left Behind Collection #1

The series that became a phenomenon is now available in a four-volume Collectors Edition. The New York Times and USA Today best-selling series that has sold over 63 million copies will now be available in a four-volume Collectors Edition. With three books in each volume, this is the perfect way to revisit the series that captured your imagination or discover it for the first time. Volume I, Rapture’s Witness, contains Left Behind, Tribulation Force, and Nicolae. Volume II, Deceiver’s Game, contains Soul Harvest, Apollyon, and Assassins.  Available on Amazon.com for $15.60


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